“Page Not Found” Sth Burnett RC

‘Breadcrumbs’…Exactly what the Sth Burnett Regional Council offers in the line of easy navigation around their official Web Page. http://www.southburnett.qld.gov.au Council allegedly offer residents the availability of browsing every aspect of Council and their business, from minutes of meetings, local laws & policies, downloading required documents, through to media releases.  Or do they? How many pages… Read More “Page Not Found” Sth Burnett RC

South Burnett Groups – dispelling the myths

There has been confusion created by some media over a few local community groups.  These resident action groups have formed to assist the ratepeyers of the South Burnett have a greater voice towards helping the South Burnett Regional Council guide the Shire.  Here are the facts about three local groups that primarily focus on the… Read More South Burnett Groups – dispelling the myths