Rural Residents quiet lifestyle still being disrupted.

Residents within the quiet rural residential area of Brooklands  have had to endure continual disruption to their peaceful lifestyle.  In the general meeting held 15th February 2017, Councillors voted to allow an operator to run a truck depot from his residential address.

The owner was finally forced to lodged a material Change of Use (MCU) application with Council after operating without Council permission and many complaints being lodged against their disruptive activities for many years.

The operator ignored several notices from Council over continuing and finally submitted an MCU application to run a Home Based Business.

It was quickly pointed out to all Councillors that this MCU was incorrect and that Home Based Business policy and guidelines specifically do not cover a trucking station/heavy haulage or industrial style activity.

Council chose once again to ignore information and concerns from ratepayers being affected, then at their general meeting on February 15th pushed through and unanimously passed the application.

Council was then legally advised that their decision was invalid, an incorrect MCU had been lodged and the situation needed to be rectified.

Council have now made the operator re-apply under the correct MCU for a trucking station, but decided to allow the trucks to still run and cause further annoyance to local residents.  Residents were astounded that Council knew that this style of business did not qualify as a Home Based Business, but allowed the application anyway.

The correct MCU for a trucking station is classified as ‘impact assessable’ which allows people the right to object to having an industrial business next door to them, unlike a small Home Based Business which does not have that right.

The Brooklands area is classified as Rural and Rural Residential and by Council description, this land classification does not entail industrial activities.
Category 920 – Rural Residential Land – Nanango
Description: All properties in this category are situated outside the Nanango Urban
Locality and nearby village localities, but are used for residential purposes. Or if vacant and, it is zoned for rural residential use under the Planning Schemes relevant to South Burnett Regional Council, and intended for use for rural residential purposes. It includes all land used for rural residential purposes as defined on the map marked Rural Residential – Nanango. Council will be guided by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines land use codes between 1 and 9, and 94 when determining the properties that fit into this category.

Residents and visitors to the area have been continually woken from 2 or 3am with trucks idling for 30 or more minutes. Other issues are reversing alarms, trucks departing the site using every gear, air horns, diesel fumes, lights directly on their bedroom wall, dust and exhaust brakes to name a few.

There has been another online petition started requesting support to keep the quiet rural residential area just that,  quiet and a residential area – not an industrial trucking area.

Would you like this type of industrial business next door or across the road from you?
Petition available for signing: