“Page Not Found” Sth Burnett RC

‘Breadcrumbs’…Exactly what the Sth Burnett Regional Council offers in the line of easy navigation around their official Web Page.


Council allegedly offer residents the availability of browsing every aspect of Council and their business, from minutes of meetings, local laws & policies, downloading required documents, through to media releases.  Or do they?

How many pages throughout the site come up with the heading ‘BREADCRUMB’  Page-Not-Found?  Hundreds of them.Tried to use their ‘search’ function?  What another useless feature guiding you to pages of useless information not related to your particular issue.

Before this latest and greatest generic style web site was embellished upon the residents of many Shires within Queensland, there was a successfully operating and easily navigated web site that was user friendly.   It makes you wonder if Council actually want anyone to be able to read required sections of local laws, planning schemes or policies to ensure the accuracy of their actions.   Deliberate or just coincidental and overlooked?  It has been many years since amalgamation and the introduction of this new style Council page, time for excuses of being overlooked is well past the ‘blame changeover’ game.   Some pages that I have come across just have a random jumble of letters thrown there to fill up a line.    No specific title, just gobbledygook.

Council have had this issue raised and brought to their attention previously, but nothing has changed.   Ratepayers are tired of being treated like mushrooms by this Council and especially the Councillors who loudly & repeatedly cited ‘Change, Transparency & Accountability‘ when campaigning for your vote.
Have you tried to find where they have hidden their complaints register?  It’s buried well within the depths of ‘webdom’ very rarely to be found and read by anyone.  – Just for your information :  http://www.southburnett.qld.gov.au/outcomes-of-complaints-against-councillors

Here is just one page with examples of links not working at the time of this release.   Other pages included Wondai, Murgon & Kingaroy Planning Schemes, just to name a few.

Nanango Planning Scheme

Table of Contents (14.8K)

Part 1   Introduction (48.1K)

Part 2   Shire Wide Outcomes  (11.4K)

Part 3   Development Assessment Categories and Criteria (167pp-1.03 Mb)

  • 3.1.1          Preliminaries for Assessment (3.2K)
  • 3.2.1          Rural Locality Table (69.2K)
  • 3.2.2          Rural Locality Code (55.7K)
  • 3.3.1          Rural Residential Locality Table (50K)
  • 3.3.2          Rural Residential Locality Code (64K)
  • 3.4.1a        Residential Zone Table (42.7K)
  • 3.4.1b        Community Expansion Zone Table (40.2K)
  • 3.4.1c        Business and Commercial Zone Table (34K)
  • 3.4.1d        Industrial Zone Table (36K)
  • 3.4.1e        Parks and Open Space Zone Table (29.3K)
  • 3.4.2          Urban Locality Code (95.1K)
  • 3.5.1          Village Locality Table (29.2K)
  • 3.5.2          Village Locality Code (48.1K)
  • 3.6.1          Bunya Mountains Table (37.2K)
  • 3.6.2          Bunya Mountains Locality Code (264K)
  • 3.7 – 3.10  Special Management Overlay Areas Code (195K)

Part 4  Development Assessment Provisions (83pp – 203K)

  • 4.1        Preliminary (6.38K)
  • 4.2        Dwelling House, Annexed Unit & Caretakers Res Code (39.7K)
  • 4.3        Multiple Dwelling Unit, Accomodation Building & Retirement Village Code (41.2K)
  • 4.4        Bed & Breakfast and Small Scale Tourist Facility Code (35.3K)
  • 4.5        Extractive Industry & Borrow Pit Code (36.4K)
  • 4.6        Home-based Business Code (20.3K)
  • 4.7        Child Care Centres Code (19.6K)
  • 4.8        Telecommunications Facilities Code (7.85K)
  • 4.9        Service Station & Car Washing Stations Code (15.2K)
  • 4.10      Farming Code (38.4K)
  • 4.11      Animal Keeping and Intensive Animal Husbandry Code (40.6K)
  • 4.12      Forestry Business Code (23.6K)

Part 5  Infrastructure Provisions (4pp – 24K)

Schedules – (77pp – 473K)

  • Schedule 1     Parking & Access (23.8K)
  • Schedule 2     Internal Connecting & External Infrastructure (64.5K)
  • Schedule 3     Designation for Community Infrastucture (46.2K)
  • Schedule 4     Advertising Devices (192K)
  • Schedule 5     Community or Recreation Listings (25.2K)
  • Schedule 6     Cultural Heritage Listings (16.4K)
  • Schedule 7     Dictonary (114K)
  • Schedule 8     Design Standards for Community Safety (8.1K)
  • Schedule 9     Rainwater Tanks in Designated Rainwater Tank Area (6.91K)

Policies  (68pp – 246K)

  • PSP1     Information Requests – General (52.6K)
  • PSP2     Information Requests – SMOAS (10.4K)
  • PSP3     Cultural Heritage (18.6K)
  • PSP4     Bushfire Criteria (14.4K)
  • PSP5     Landscaping (48.3K)
  • PSP6     Minor Dangerous Goods (14.6K)
  • PSP7     Infrastructure Provision ( 92K)
  • PSP8     Trails and Routes (7.17K)
  • PSP9     Public Car Parking Contribution (6.87K)
  • PSP10   Rural Subdivisions Below 200ha (12.3K)TOP

Outline Maps

  • Outline Map 1  Nature Conservation, Scenic Landscapes and Environmental Management (482K)
  • Outline Map 2  Valuable Features and Land Use (1.07 Mb)

Planning Scheme Policy (PSP) Maps

  • PSP7-3-1a  Existing and Future Water Supply Trunk Infrastructure – Nanango (259K)
  • PSP7-3-1b  Existing and Future Water Supply Trunk Infrastructure – Blackbutt and Benarkin (141K)
  • PSP7-4-1a  Existing and Future Sewerage Trunk Infrastructure – Nanango (187K)
  • PSP7-4-1b  Existing and Future Sewerage Trunk Infrastructure – Blackbutt and Benarkin (127K)
  • PSP7-5-1a  Existing and Future Parks Infrastructure in Nanango (230K)
  • PSP7-5-1b  Existing and Future Parks Infrastructure in Blackbutt (176K)
  • PSP7-5-1c  Existing and Future Parks Infrastructure in Maidenwell (94K)
  • PSP8            Shire Trails and Routes (7.17K)

Schedule Maps

Strategic Framework Maps

Special Management Overlay Area (SMOA) Maps

  • SMOA Map 2A      Mineral and Extractive Resources and Buffer Areas (790K)
  • SMOA Map 2B      Natural Hazard Risk Management Areas (987K)
  • SMOA Map 2C      Environmental Management Areas (2.27 Mb)
  • SMOA Map 2D      Economic Resources (1.13 Mb)
  • SMOA Map 2D(i)   Buffer Areas for Intensive Animal Husbandry and Industrial Zoned Land (845K)
  • SMOA Map 2E       Community Facility (Major Utilities) (1.36 Mb)
  • SMOA Map 2F        Non-Indigenous Cultural Heritage Sites (735K)

Zoning Maps


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  1. Since the publication of this article, SBRC has advised they have removed all links to mentioned pages via their page search function.
    Unfortunately the web page is still a navigational nightmare and not a place to find any information easily.


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