Blackbutt meeting Mayor Campbell & Div 2 Cr Jones

Wednesday 15th Feb, 6pm, Mayor Campbell and Cr Jones (Div 2) held a public meeting in Blackbutt to advise and update residents on related topics for their local area.

Despite the choice of what some would consider an inappropriate location, the bar at the Blackbutt Golf Club, and the meeting not advertised all that well, there were a rowdy group of participants all anxious to find out what was happening in their patch of turf.
From potholes through to Blackbutt Hall removal and far beyond sometimes, topics were discusses and questions asked and some answered.
Small digs of the ‘blame game’ were had by Cr Jones at the previous Council (Councillors) over roadworks and the cost to ratepayers with the removal of the hall.  “There was stuff down here said in the early parts of it that should never have been said and there should’ve been stuff said that was never said

Unlike what our Ex-Mayor stated, there will definitely be an expense passed onto the ratepayers of the entire Shire to assist this private developer establish what will effectively be Blackbutts’ second supermarket in the town.  Why should ratepayers have to foot the bill for any private developer?

Blackbutt area has certainly done well with the increase in the long overdue road maintenance, much courtesy of the current State ALP Government giving $4.26 million to Council to spend before November this year.  $2.57 million of that will go directly into roads.