Arsonist strikes Goodger Wetlands and koala habitat

Goodger Wetlands – Koala habitat was a target for an arsonist early Saturday morning 7th January.
This is the Land for Wildlife that had over 64 % of people polled voted for this area NOT to be burnt.

Comparison from 6 months ago to now.

The Sth Burnett Regional Council was adamant their alloted planned reserve burns using RFBs as their contractors would be completed by the end of August during the cooler months.  It never happened.

With the current dry spell and high temperatures the burn was hot at ground level scorching the dirt.  This will certainly impact the areas ability to recover quickly, with the probability that some grasses or native flora won’t return at all.

The time of year is the nesting season for many types of birds and every nest would have been destroyed.  This deliberate act has totally eradicated all food and shelter for any surviving wildlife during the hot summer months and beyond.  Majority  of the hollow trees (habitat trees) have been turned into ash.

The Council owned walkway is now closed due to damage and entire reserve closed to the public due unsafe conditions with many trees and branches still burning and falling.












Up to 27 brigades were in action along with 2 bulldozers and a pozitrack clearing the many unkept firebreaks throughout the reserve.  If these breaks had been cleared at some time, this fire may have been contained to just a section instead of the entire area being destroyed.


This reserve is also under threat from Moreton Resources planned open cut coal mine on the outskirts of Kingaroy and no doubt would have been a thorn in their sides with any approval still waiting from Government.


There were also other incidents of suspicious fires reported around the South Burnett during the weekend.


Btooklands RFB photo set 1

Brooklands RFB photo set 2


3 thoughts on “Arsonist strikes Goodger Wetlands and koala habitat

  1. thank goodness no one got hurt ,it would have been better if someone had fed the crews, but in times like this everyone just works so very hard to protect everything they can .
    .a lot of people forget most of these brigades are all volunteers , they give up their own time to protect you and yours .Thank you to all those fire fighting people Without you we would all be in a lot of trouble. And i hope they catch the person who caused all this distruction.


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