Acland, Stanwell, Moreton, LNP & You

The manipulation of the People here, the Workers, is absolutely PUTRID politics.

As I have pointed out, and directly to Mrs Frecklington, in which she chose to not respond to, the LNP, the Liberal and National Party, are NOT working FOR the People. The complete ignorance with respect to informing the People of HOW and WHY forward planning is needed, is absolutely disgusting.

The LNP have and it seems WILL, continue to force reliance, on an Industry that LITERALLY is SHORT LIVED.


Look at locally, the angst Frecklington pushed, over the ALP trying to transition forward over Power Generation, Renewables…. was based on loss of Jobs at the Tarong Power Station. The FACT is Tarong is nearing its END OF LIFE.  This is FACT at 32yrs old, originally designed and built, for 30-35 yrs LIFE.

The Region has utilised the Employment in part, as some were not Local People, as is the case with EVERY Power Station, AND Mine. However, as an Electorate that has ONLY ever supported the LNP or their variations of such, Lib,Nat,One Nation, Country, etc etc, effectively Conservative Politicians, WHY hasn’t this clear end of life prepared for, instead of attempting to continue relying on something that has ZERO choice of eventually closing down.

The LNP and Coal supporting or employed folk, will throw out the defensive comments, like are you enjoying the power that coal gives you, charging your phone, lighting and heating your house, etc. The FACT is, yes, we all enjoy the benefits, that ISN’T the point though. The point isn’t whether we should use coal LOCALLY, for me at least, the point is like it or not, coal fired power is at its end HERE. That is FACT.
Meandu is needing extensions to feed the station, the station itself, is at the very sharp end of its lifespan, the new Moreton mine being proposed, is crap coal and either needs blending or the station needs modifying, to use the coal produced. This has been flat out admitted by Mr Elks himself, at the Blackbutt Hall meeting after I addressed it with him. I suspect other meetings achieved the same answers as well. And even if it were suitable, the Station is dying if you will, at 32yrs old NOW.

This MP, Frecklington, has tried to play both sides and failed miserably.eww

Yes she comes from Agricultural background, however despite this, the actions and comments from her, attack the protection of Agriculture. If anyone thinks Coal Mining and Farming can co exist, they are simply misguided. The Industries must use the same product, the Ground, and the Water. 1 definitely destroys these essential items. Thats just the simple core of this.

So it comes down to simple math, on proposals that will harm the existing Farming.

Which provides more….. Mining, 1% employment, Farming about 3%. Mining is short lived, Farming is mostly, continual and potentially indefinite. Both rely on Water, Farming doesn’t harm it, Mining does. BOTH have ad on Employment, however Mining mostly in-sources this, Farming mostly outsources, so spreading of Industries and adding Jobs surrounding Towns.
However, lets not pull punches, BOTH don’t create enough to sustain Areas, on their own. NEITHER are stopping Towns from failing economically. Local is a prime example of this FACT.W4L campaign 1

Kingaroy, as much as many rely on it, myself and my Family included, is struggling. YET, we have BOTH Farming AND Mining surrounding the area, from Yarraman to well past Kingaroy, and its still struggling.
The FACT is, Manufacturing, Industry, Freight, Tourism, Transport, ad-selling as byproducts MUST come here, to sustain us. Farming and Mining clearly isn’t enough.

The LNP pushing to continue relying on ONE of these, is in my opinion, selfish, ignorant, and potentially, political endorsement of mass failures of the People. From financial standings. The fact is, endorsing something that is only going to end, with no forethought of the economics post end, is well, setting up the population to fail….

These Workers at Acland are defending their own, as they should. Sadly though its based on misleading or lack of information. They aren’t told the full story. They defend their Town that they live in, yet completely ignore the Town that has been destroyed. They are relying on something that has an end, sadly the lack of forethought of this fact, has all of a sudden hit home. Why now, because the Company, the same LNP MP, the money that only about 2-300 enjoyed, blinded the truth. The end is nigh.
And the end is inevitable.
This Mine, New Hope at Acland, engulfed the closest Town to it, ACLAND. The MP absolutely LIED to the People there, to get the Votes. Then sunk the final knife in.  Well reported, well discussed, the actions used from Public meetings to Personal Letters, the People were utterly misled by Frecklington. And the actions continue to show, that this MP had no care for these People nor their livelihoods, Farming. So much for a National from Farming defending the Industry that created their position aye….. nasty, just nasty.

And it continues, through Parliament endorsing Rallies, claiming angst over retrospectivity, whilst the FACT is, the actions are nothing more than continuing a reliance of an inevitable Death. Other than the naivety and the self interest defense, this is NOT the Workers to blame. They are just pawns to the grubby behaviour of the Company and the mine

By Ben Rankin.


One thought on “Acland, Stanwell, Moreton, LNP & You

  1. Deb Frecklington sat at Acland in the Tom Doherty park and said the LNP would not allow stage 3 to proceed as did Seeney accompanied by Vaughan, and Hopper who tried to help and stick by us only to loose his seat to Freckleton. A soon as their successful election was over, the LNP then made deals with New Hope Acland to proceed. Had it not been for the fact LNP were defeated they mine would have been approved. Now Kingaroy she will double cross you.
    As for the workers at Acland mine there are only a couple of workers who live closer than 5 kms from the mine. Most live 15 + kms from the mine, but the neighbours who surround the mine as close as 1 km from the mine with little children. The children’s health should be as big a concern as the workers.



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