Kingaroy water supply could be contaminated with arsenic by Moreton Resources proposed coal mine.

I am truly astounded. THIS is happening ON peoples Land.

They Produce FOOD, raise Cattle, grow grains, vegies, preserving Waterways as they rely on them, THEY LIVE THERE, and this Mining proposal will destroy the lot.

The State Governance is behaving questionably over Mining Applications currently, Qld has coal Miners being diagnosed with Black Lung, and from open cut coal mines too NOW. Think Pneumonia, on steroids and the Death that results is relief. FOR WHAT? Qld earns a pittance off Royalties, Coal hires a pathetic 1% of Qld employment and of the tiny 4% of State Revenue received from Coal, some 60% is given back through subsidies to the Industry.13062306_10154104906957103_5672929768429281312_n
Yes, we need Coal, we ALREADY mine plenty enough to cover needs, as the transition to renewable reduces those needs. This is Thermal Coal, Brown Coal, and it’s not even the greatest quality.
This is NOT STEEL production Coal.  It’s NOT COKING Coal. This is NOT the Coal that has had a boost in value or prices.
The State MP, Deputy Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington, LNP, not only for the Electorate, LIVES in Kingaroy, the Town a few klms away from this Proposal. And it IS downwind. There are Primary Schools even CLOSER to the Proposal than the Town is.  A TAFE College is in the firing line also, plus Businesses, Wineries, Farms, Residents, FOOD.
The Town Water supply is within the danger zone and is mentioned as runoff likely, IN the Application. 
A massive amount of People RELY on Roof collection of drinking water, Tank water, to DRINK, as the Town Supply, isn’t the greatest as it is. In fact at a guess, well OVER 90% have tanks, some have ONLY TANK WATER. The water WILL be POISONED by the Dust that comes from Coal Mining, NOT MAYBE, DEFINITELY.

This is governmentally assisted Genocide frankly, as the dangers of coal mining are WELL reported.  This is NOT out in the far West, or even 10klms from a Town, this is inside 5 klms to the Town of Kingaroy, 2011 Census Population -12500 People in Kingaroy.

I cannot stress enough, the proposed Jobs, IF it even generates as many it claims, which as we know, ALL Mines LIE over this, is a tiny 400 People in TOTAL jobs. That includes Staff in Head Office IN BRISBANE.
The Company has a recruitment company for Jobs, despite claiming to hire Locally, the fact is, if there aren’t trained or qualified workers available, they WILL hire from elsewhere, ALL MINES DO THIS. The Recruitment Company is BASED IN Western Australia, where there are plenty of Out of Work Miners needing Jobs, Trained and Qualified.
The Town of Kingaroy might, MIGHT get a boost in Economy, this will be short lived at best, and is EASILY proven by the proposal itself.

Decade of full scale production IF they offload at the NEEDED TO BE VIABLE 10MT/YR, how much DAMAGE will this COST ALL OF US, through lost agriculture, lost businesses, lost population, MASSIVE HEALTH IMPACTS, and folks, LOST TOWNS RELYING ON KINGAROY.

THINK ABOUT THAT.  How many towns FEED their existence off Kingaroy being there,  supplying needs.  How many of the people, in those Towns will MOVE AWAY to reduce the  2  or 3 hour drive to either Toowoomba,  Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast.
And I ask, WHERE IS DEB FRECKLINGTON,  LNP MP for  Nanango Electorate, AND RESIDENT OF KINGAROY?  Out doing glory photo sessions at places that WON’T exist once Coal destroys the area.  Being a celebrity Politician around the area,  attacking the ALP Governance to continue the same garbage that got her the Position.  Lying again perhaps, about ANYTHING, from School Subjects, mining, agriculture, State and Federal expenditure, hospitals, roads, unions, to ‘pick a damn Subject’ frankly.  Not once has she been heard saying “I don’t support or want this Coal Mine on the doorstep of the Town I live in” – NOT ONCE.


There are plenty examples of misleading comments or lies, or worse, IGNORANCE of the Proposal details. Search Acland and LNP LIED in Google, enjoy the read of what this MP HAS DONE, in regards to destroying Towns over Coal Mines, lying to the Residents directly and even in pre election letters, advising further investment has even been reported from this LNP Deputy Leader.

What did she do just the other day, could it be because she KNEW this Mining Lease Application was coming…. attacked the ALP over Renewables, Wind Farms and based it on you got it, the area being supported from Meandu Coal Mine and the Tarong Power Station. Relying on this to continue, forever it seems, IGNORANT of the FACT that Tarong is coming to end of life, meaning it WILL SHUTDOWN, because its OLD, NOT because of ALP or RENEWABLES.

That’s a blatant LIE, and pushing the Electorate into yet another MAJOR ECONOMICAL DOWNTURN, because of IGNORANCE, and LACK OF REPRESENTATION towards WHAT IS COMING.

ENOUGH. THIS HAS TO BE STOPPED. THIS IS PEOPLES LIVES, Grandparents, Parents, Children, Grandchildren, and ALL other Friends or Relations.
ENOUGH. It is TIME TO STAND AGAINST THIS, as it is very clear, the extremely well paid Reps wont. This WILL NOT BENEFIT THE AREA. Don’t believe the rhetoric, It WILL KILL PEOPLE THOUGH.
BLACK LUNG Cases now at 16 declared diagnosed. 1 is DEFINITELY OPENCUT MINING. THERE ARE APPROXIMATELY 100 Cases being assessed RIGHT NOW, with 1000s of Xrays being checked over here in Australia, AND the U.S. where the experts are for diagnosing, that declared the current 16.
These People, WILL DIE FROM THIS. There is NO CURE.

By: Ben Rankin


Mayor Keith Campbell said it was an issue of great concern.  “I don’t know what impact this project will have on our water supply, other than that it is not too difficult to say there will be some level of impact on the water,”

There are other negatives such as where will the coal be sold, there is no existing rail line and it won’t be transported out in trucks.”

“The impact on public health, the health of each you sitting here, and the masses in our region, that issue is of the greatest concern for us within council.


A former CSIRO scientist and Inala Doctor,  Rock Boothroyd,  spoke of the possible long term health risks associated with coal mine dust.   Coal has “up to ten mg per kg of arsenic”.

If approved, he said the Kingaroy coal mine could also blemish the town’s water supply.

They will dump it locally, where it comes from, and break water will leech out into the Stuart River and Gordonbrook Dam and water supply and we’ll need another source of water ” said Dr Boothroyd.


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