Deb Frecklington – dangerous to Nanango Electorate and State of Qld?

This MP,  Deputy Opposition Leader,  Deb Frecklington Nanango State Electorate,  is absolutely dangerous to the people of the Electorate and to the State of Qld.


Her Party,  when she was Minister Assistant to Premier, Newman and the now Leader, ex Treasurer wanted to SELL Stanwell,  to FUND Adani Coals Rail line and to Export our Resources.

She absolutely LIED to the People of Acland Town,  writing Letters to them,  stating ‘Vote me and the New Hope Coal Expansion will NOT happen’,  within months the expansion was approved.

This MP is a very clear habitual LIAR,  as she did over our kids education,  claiming a subject had been removed from the curriculum despite it being listed 4 times on the website.

When I caught her out publicly,  she then wrote an Article claiming because of the LNP pressure the Governance buckled and included the subject.   It WAS there,  at the minimum,  a WEEK before her and Tim Mander claimed it wasn’t.

The Fair Laws  for Farmers movement,  the anti Vegetation Management actions  her and Mr Cripps running around the State fighting against so Farmers could clear Lands, was undermined by their very actions in Parliament,  previously removing Farmers Rights (ALP restored) and then in Hansard Records pushing for more NEW THERMAL COAL MINES in Qld,  including the Adani Mine and Acland expansion STILL.

The constant attacks on the ALP is extremely misleading,  and at times,  blatant LIES.

HERE IS SOME TRUTH and come Election time LOOK FOR REPS WILLING TO TELL THIS.stanwellTarong Power Station like ANY Power Station, has a lifespan.   Its coming to the end of that.   The Sth Burnett MUST prepare for this NOW and the MP should be driving this FACT.  There will be a lot of People,  in severe financial trouble, if they aren’t aware and REPLACEMENT employment is not available.

This action, as another on her Facebook Page,  is forcing reliance on the Power Station for Employment and Financial Security.   It’s a FALSEHOOD and dangerous to do so.   It’s EVIL frankly, to do this.   This is NOT the first time  that her advice has led to large Investment  causing DEBT that cant be repaid.   Again, EVIL.   Windfarms compared to Coal fired Power generation as a NEW build IS CHEAPER PER POWER PRODUCTION.   Coal is NOT cheaper,  its a LIE.   Tarong closure is NOT linked to renewables,  it’s OLD and dying.

Please,  people of Nanango Electorate and  Sth Burnett,  do NOT rely on her claims.  Life expectancy is under 20 yrs, under advisement the concrete has been getting patchups for some time already.

FB cover photoWind farm proposal is currently in play for the Electorate, Coopers Gap.  This will subsidise until Tarong closes and as a NEW project  IT’S CHEAPER AND SAFER to the Agricultural area of the Sth Burnett.

There is ALSO SOLAR farm happening in the next Electorate and it will be large scale.  Australian Technology working on Solar Panel power generation has been tested safely, generating 4 TIMES the standard panels.   These Aussie researchers state they are potentially up to 10 TIMES better than standard panels.   Battery Storage is CLEARLY getting incredible and cheaper too.   Again,  subsidising the Tarong Station till closure,  preparing to take over at END OF LIFE.

no mineAs for the Mine Proposal in Kingaroy,   I have her Forum speech RECORDED  and not once  did she state , ‘I do not support or want this Mine’, not once.   I have watched the first Forum speech and she DID NOT state it then either.   In FACT both speeches were extremely misleading  not based on relevance, or as the last one showed, completely false.

I PROMISE you there will be alternative options to choose from next State Election. There WILL be Candidates NOT going to mislead like this person, there WILL be Candidates that want to see REAL prosperity through diversifying the current and fighting for CHANGE.

There WILL be Candidates wanting to address the poor performing Council, truely addressing ANY corrupt behaviours.

There WILL be Candidates that WILL represent ALL in the Electorate not just a select few that are already in positions of financial and or employment security.

There WILL be Candidates that bring more than fear and hate inspired politics based on misleading or mistruths as we are seeing from the last Federal Election.

There WILL be Candidates NOT endorsed or incorporated or bought off or backed in any way by one Industry that hurts others.

THERE WILL and PLEASE choose wisely.   Enough is ENOUGH frankly.  The People of Nanango  and Qld  deserve BETTER than THIS MP AND PARTY.

By:  Ben Rankin


Deputy Premier accused of broken promise over mine expansion

In Parliament on Thursday, Mr Hopper quoted a statement from Mr Seeney in late 2012 saying “an LNP Government would not support the expansion phase of New Acland as proposed”.  

Assistant Finance Minister and Nanango MP Deb Frecklington said in February 2012 – a month before the election – she had successfully lobbied the LNP to “not support the proposal for Acland Stage 3 that would see the expansion of the open-cut coal mine digging up strategic cropping land”.

“We will protect farm communities from being dug up from mining,” she said at the time.


“That was the commitment given by [Deb] Frecklington, that was the commitment given by [Jeff] Seeney, that was the commitment given by [Treasurer Tim] Nicholls. They all gave that commitment.”

The premier has been dodging questions over the mine since Monday, when Mr Jones made a fiery debut on Brisbane talkback station Fairfax Radio 4BC.


The study shows that electricity can be supplied from a new wind farm at a cost of [$80 per megawatt hour in Australian dollars], compared to [$143 per megawatt hour] from a new coal plant or [$116 per megawatt hour] from a new baseload gas plant


In terms of impacts on future electricity prices, all estimates are based on assumptions. For example, if more old coal generation capacity is retired than some models have assumed, baseline electricity prices could be higher because new generation options of all kinds are typically more expensive than old existing power stations.

Further, the costs of renewable electricity generation are falling, as discussed above. For example, a 2014 Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics study shows 2013 estimates for wind energy cost of A$63 to A$107 per levelised Megawatt-hour of electricity – 6.3 to 10.7 cents per kilowatt-hour, lower than earlier estimates– Alan Pears


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  1. Tarong Power station has four separate 350 Mw generaters, each needing 200 bar of Steam at +600*C leaving the extra +600*C to go up the chimney as Steam only absorbs half the available heat. Anna Bligh was for DaS Energy others including Qld Liberal Party opposed it. CO2 when heated to +80*C has 10,000 bar pressure. This means 3 lots of 10,000 bar pressure for each waste of +600*C, or 37,000 bar of pressure, or 150 lots of 200 bar pressure, which times four to take in the four generators each needing +600*C steam provides a total of an extra 600 350 Mw generators all having no Carbon footprint as that already used by the Steam powered generators.
    The CO2 Turbine is free to copy then as it is now, but it does limit the amount of Coal needed to keep expanding Qld electricity supply


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