Bridging the Divide – Kingaroy tour

A grassroots tour focused on the impacts that the proposed coal mine will have on the Kingaroy community will be occurring on the 1st and 2nd October.

This will be an opportunity to come and learn for yourself“, says Cassie McMahon.  It will be an opportunity to meet the people who live, work and play in this region.  To experience a variety of small businesses that contribute to the local economy whether it is agriculture, tourism or hospitality.


It will be a great opportunity to speak to others who are concerned about the impacts as well as appreciate the investment, skills and talents of tourism operators, farmers whose family have grown peanuts for generations, viniculturalists who create award winning wines and an astronomer who is awakening people about stars and planets in contrast to our dark night sky.  You will have the chance to taste locally produced food, wine and icecream.

The event will culminate over a Sunday lunch to discuss ways we can join forces and “How can we stop this mine”.

This event was born from knowing the power that a grassroots tour group called “Bridging the Divide” has had in other coal or gas affected communities and a bus load of people from Brisbane will also be participating in the event.

Cassie said, “Whilst organising this event there has been significant good will shown by the Kingaroy community.  Many of the businesses have provided discounts for this event and costs have been kept at a minimum.  People are welcome to join the tour for some or all of the event but bookings are essential.”

Bookings for this tour will be open until Friday 23rd September

If you know people in Brisbane who would be interested in joining the tour from Brisbane, please refer them to

For media enquiries please contact Cassie McMahon 0427 166 166
Flyer attached for your perusal and possible publication.

Please note that to date this has not been included in the South Burnett and Cherburg on Show activities.