Heavy vehicle access within the Sth Burnett

The SBRC Listening Tour stumbled into Nanango on Wednesday night with a massive turnout of around 10 audience members.  Appreciation and a hearty congratulations for endeavouring to provide a grassroots Council service such as a meet and greet.

The full unedited 2 hr version will be available on YouTube  shortly, but this is an exert regarding the division 2 Councillor Mr Gavin Jones and his take on the ongoing issue of B-double access on Shire roads.  This cutting is from Cr Jones’s portfolio report dated 20th July (1 week prior) relating to the NHVR and Councils involvement with this Federal department and is pertinent with recent issues relating to B-double access being denied via Qld State Transport Department. spudThere is video footage of questions asked on this issue on the Free Press facebook site where the issue is avoided and the relevant question of “what roads were in question for these permits” was not answered.
The buck was passed from Cr Jones to Cr Duff to Cr Fleischfresser and the Mayor – all claiming no knowledge or assurance of not allowing these heavy haulage vehicles on our back roads.   Of course this message contradicts the Mayor in his opening speech stating working with NHVR to enhance access within the Shire.  Why didn’t the Div 2 Councillor whose portfolio involves roads and who read his report answer the simple question?   Which roads are in question?


Cr Jones was firstly somehow ‘unaware’ of the revoking of any misguided issue of a permit allowing a contractor access to a feedlot that recently has changed ownership, but his tune changed slightly throughout.
SB Free Press has again had verbal confirmation from NHVR that NO B-double access is allowed passed the top of the Cooyar range intersection towards Maidenwell (180 mtrs past to be exact).  There is no other roads within the local area that have B-double access, so these vehicles are traveling illegally.

Cr Jones made comment of an ‘open, honest Council’  and claimed he ‘hated the word transparent’ being used.  Free Press can assure ratepayers that the open and honest part has not yet been obtained and the transparency only relates to everyone being able to see through their ongoing deception on issues.