Kingaroy coal mine public forum

Kingaroy Coal Mine

Public Forum

7 pm Thursday 11th August

Kingaroy Town Hall 

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Two factors will decide the future of this mine.

1.       The weight of informed public opinion

2.       The community response to the company’s application for a mining lease.

no mineA big effort from the community is needed now, because most mines are approved by Government if they reach the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) stage.

Since the last forum, there have been many new developments. Although the company would still prefer to sell its coal to the Tarong Power Station, denial of this market has now forced the company to look at new options. These include sending the coal by rail or through seawater pipelines to a port for overseas export. This impact was not considered at the first forum.

The prospect of coal trains passing through Kingaroy to Bundaberg, Gladstone or Brisbane adds a whole new dimension to this proposal.

We have become aware of more detail of both the company’s plans for the mine, and also the way in which the local community can influence the outcome. More importantly though, the implications for the local community have become clearer.

·          Mine dust, noise and light implications have been further researched and the probable effects have become clearer, especially dust effects on both respiratory health and drinking water from rainwater household tanks.

·          The effect of an open cut mine just upstream from town water supply has been recognised.

·          The options of coal trains through Kingaroy to port has now been included in the mine plan.

·          Modelling of possible property prices changes have been obtained.

The company has commissioned a survey to suggest that the 935 people who voted against the mine in February were misinformed and that the vote at the forum was not a true indication of community opinion.

They have used their own figures in their application to the Commonwealth government already, and they will no doubt use them again to support their application to the State Government.

Most importantly though, the values and opinions of the local community are needed to signal opposition to the mine to the State and Commonwealth Governments as they decide the future of the mine.

 As the approval process gets underway, the opportunity for the local community to influence the outcome becomes more formalised and somewhat limited.

We are able to firstly make submissions to the terms of reference for the Environmental Impact Study (EIS) and then make submissions once the EIS study is complete. Both have just 40 days periods for public submissions so the response becomes very urgent.

Preparations for that response begins now.

KCCG are seeking support from the South Burnett community to do this complex and specialised task.

Please come to the forum to hear the latest information, to support the community in its response, and be a part of the process that determines whether Kingaroy and those closest have to live with the impacts of a coal mine on their doorsteps.

Gary Tessman.   (KCCG President)


KCCG needs funds to:

·          Post and print information

·          Acquire expert advice

·          Advertise community events

Donations can be by cash to members of the KCCG Management Team or by direct deposit to:

Name: KCCG:

BSB:  084-763             A/C:  18-497-7771

10 Things You Should Know About the Mine

1.        Our Mayor, and both State and Federal Members have expressed their opposition to the location of this mine.

2.        It is to be positioned very close to Kingaroy near the end of the Airport.

3.        KCCG has info and statistics about the possible impact of a coal mine on Kingaroy land prices.

4.        KCCG will present detailed information about dust and its likely impact on residential areas all around Kingaroy.

5.        The latest proposal by the company has the prospect of trains taking coal by rail through Kingaroy to ports like Bundaberg.

6.        The company states there is likely to be “on-tenement access to the Stuart River to potentially dilute treated water discharges of mine-affected water.”

7.        The company says that the issue of mine water upstream from the town water supply (Gordonbrook Dam) will be an “emotive issue” for the town.

8.        The coal mine dust is likely to affect community health and drinking water in tanks collected from roofs.

9.        The initial mine location is likely to be the first in a series of mine stages, which includes a tenement that extends out to Brooklands.

10.     The company has not yet said that it has a market for its coal.

10 Things you need to do to stop this coal mine

1.        Check, like and share using the KCCG Facebook page.

2.        To express your opposition to the location of the mine, and write, email, phone or meet with your local, state or federal representatives. (see KCCG Facebook for details)

3.        Research coal mine related topics, especially about dust, noise and water.

4.        Donate funds to KCCG so we can respond to the EIS, acquire information, and to hold meetings.

5.        Join KCCG or other groups responding to the prospect of the mine being approved in the proposed location.

6.        Join one of the groups set up to respond to the mine application.

7.        Write, phone or meet with Moreton Resources and tell them you do not support or give them social licence to have a mine near Kingaroy. Phone MRV: Ph: 07 3831 6088 or 0478 152 219

8.        Speak to you neighbours to check that they really understand the mine, its effects and its location.

9.        Buy a “No Kingaroy Coal Mine” sign, display it on your fence or car, and buy one for your neighbour too.

10.     Write a letter to the editor or ring up a local news service explaining how you feel about the mine.

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4 thoughts on “Kingaroy coal mine public forum

  1. If you would like photos of dust and blasts from open cut mining i would be willing to take some to your meeting if you contact me.


  2. Dawn Page, from “Workstuff” in Kingaroy, has “No Coal Mine for Kingaroy” bright yellow signs, about 36cm high at her shop in Knight St for $5 each. These are a great way to show that you are against this mine. Please call and see Dawn for one for your front gate.


  3. Dawn Page, from “Workstuff” in Kingaroy, has “No Coal Mine for Kingaroy” bright yellow signs, about 36cm high at her shop in Knight St for $5 each. These are a great way to show that you are against this mine. Please call and see Dawn for one for your front gate.


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