CONFIRMED – B-Doubles not permitted

It has been absolutely confirmed that B-Doubles are not permitted access within the South Burnett along the Maidenwell Bunya Mountain Road.
These heavy vehicles have been photographed illegally running along the Kumbia Brooklands Rd, Nanango Brooklands Rd, Maidenwell Bunya Mountains Rd and others within the district.

The South Burnett Regional Council and the Division 2 Councillor have continually ignored residents complaints and concerns about these vehicles along these roads.   The blatant disregard for the safety of local residents and tourists has been unacceptable.

Instead of actually doing some proper investigations into why they were being allowed on these single lane goat tracks, the Council has turned a blind eye and let them continue.  As reported in an earlier press release, the new Div 2 Councillor, Mr Gavin Jones (Spud the Dud), has been well aware of this situation long before being elected as a public representative of the Shire.

If any people see these heavy vehicles along roads with the area they should ring either the Nanango Police on 41631211 or the Dept of transport on 41540200 and report the incident and location immediately.   If possible take the registration number and information written on the vehicles to help further investigations.


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2 thoughts on “CONFIRMED – B-Doubles not permitted

  1. TMR Departments and NRHV are obviously not in great communications with each other on this issue. Another update from the Department is now stating that there was a permit issued, only a few months ago, to commute the 7klms along the Maidenwell Bunya Mountains Rd.
    As there has been absolutely no alterations to that section of the road, no one is able to advise why or how such a permit was allowed when refused so many times. Even earlier this year an application was rejected for the same reasons.
    This process has left the residents of the area and tourists which frequent the area with a very unsafe road environment.
    Allowing B-Doubles where there are single lane bridges, narrow roads, soft edges, poor distance visibility due to terrain and general inadequate road conditions is a certain ticket to a fatality, that is whey there have never been allowed on these roads.
    The investigations continue.


  2. these people should get out more. the drivers of these “highly dangerous ” B Doubles” are among the safest drivers drivers in australia and have to continually “DRIVE” not only their trucks but put up with inexperienced “weekend warriers” as well . I have driven the maidenwell / bunya rd in a single many times and could run it in a b double without any worries if only the “MOTORIST” would take a bit more notice acknolage the fact that our vehicles are a lot bigger and therefor need time to slow down so as to pass safely. We are NOT the OGRES that certain current affairs reporters would have you the motorist believe.


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