Mayor Campbell explains

moneyMayor Campbell explained during the budget presentation that for every $1,000 of general rates received Council spend:
$421 on the design, maintenance and renewal of our road network, it should be noted that the $200 road levy is in addition to this.
$135 on parks and recreation reserves
$62 on building and property maintenance
$42 on managing our pools and public halls
$53 on our Information, Communication and Technology
$30 on maintaining our Customer Service Centres/Administration Offices
$47 on Economic Development and Tourism
$43 on Libraries
$60 on Corporate Governance, Finance and Human Resource Functions
$34 on Public Conveniences and Cemeteries
$23 on Pest management, not including any environmental levy projects
$25 on various community support activities, heritage and the arts.
$33 on environmental health services and compliance activities
$20 on Planning, Building and Plumbing Activities
$7 on other activities such as disaster management and indigenous affairs
By my addition that equates to $1035 dollars spent for every $1000 received.
I notice that there is no specific mention or breakdown of a wages portion within those costs.
In addition to the General Rates the Council receives, they collect from us:
Environment Levy
Waste Management Levy
Domestic Wheelie Bin
Community Rescue & Evacuation Levy
Road Levy
Rural Fire Brigade Levy
State Emergency Management Levy
plus water and sewerage charges for those in urban areas
We are all aware of the controversial $200 road levy which has continually been reported as being spent entirely on our local road network.  Unfortunately, Council admitted it cannot state exactly where or how the extra revenue raised from this levy was really spent.
The Environment Levy was has also been the subject of mass scrutiny with rubbery Council figures being publicly issued and money raised from this levy NOT being spent on actual environment issues.  At one point they reported that Council had several hundred thousand dollars remaining in the levy fund.
So if they didn’t spend it all, had funds available & made a profit, why did the charge go up?
Rural Fire Levy of $25 & Community Rescue & Evacuation levy of $4 – self explanatory and funds are passed on to relevant areas & departments.
The State Emergency Management Levy is one that should not be included on our rates.  If the State Government wish to send residents a bill for something then they should do so, not tacked onto our rates notices.
Waste Management levy $120+ ?  really?
Wheelie Bin $150 charge from JJ Richards with the monopoly that they have on the rubbish service within the Shire.  Has this charge doubled since it’s introduction with no change to the service?
A recent survey cosurveynducted by the SB Free Press has shown over 80% of people believe that the Sth Burnett rates are NOT cheap as reported by Cr Heit.   We can all add another 2.5% onto the existing charges even though most of our valuations have decreased within the area.
Well done SBRC.

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