South Burnett Home Produce Share

The South Burnett Home Produce Share exists so that people from the community can bring surplus produce from home and share it with others.

sB shareThey are not about money or “winning” at a swap, there are lots of places to sell produce in the region. They are about sharing and community.

They aim for slow, sustainable growth based on involving people who understand and embody community building focus.

They have fun, stay positive and all turn up to give, just because giving and caring for each other is a great thing to do. Plus you might get to take some great goodies home.




South Burnett Home Produce Share –  How it works

Once a month they meet to share excess produce with each other.

–1– Bring your spare produce. Add it to the table(s) ready to be shared.
–2–At the arranged time everyone can dig in and grab some produce.
–3–We are all expected to keep an eye out and make sure no one is going home empty handed. Talk to each other and be proactive about sharing, giving and being inclusive.

Next planned Share days are:

17th July We gather at 9:00am & share at 9:30 – 10:30am.
Venue: Ringsfield House
It is not only fruit & veg we share, useful items can be shared too.
7th August  We gather at 9:00am & share at 9:30 – 10:30am.
Venue: Dimities Cottage Cafe 49 Haly St Wondai
It is not only fruit & veg we share, useful items can be shared too.
Please pm RSVP your attendance TIA for catering purposes.
Coffee, Tea, Brunch or Morning tea is also available in Dimities Cottage Cafe

2 thoughts on “South Burnett Home Produce Share

  1. This is a fantastic concept ! One that I sincerely hope gets the positivity that it deserves. We used to trade for whatever it was that we needed , and share what we didn’t need, long before money came into play. Our community’s need something like this, a lot of our people are doing it rough , there isn’t as much money around since the meat works closed down. So I truly hope that the people in our community’s get behind this , and embrace it. All I see it positivity, we can make new friends, catch up with old ones, share what we don’t need, so not as much food waste , such as fruit etc rotting on the ground, and genuinely helping others. I am looking forward to my first share day.


  2. Thank you so much for the plug South Burnett Free Press. We are only a couple of months old but have had lots of fun getting together and sharing produce so far. The gatherings are casual and relaxed, we just put our excess out for other contributors to take from. There is no buying or selling, no cash, no money and no profits, except for the chance to share with your neighbours and have them share with you in turn. The produce hardly even matters in the end, its a chance for an hour or two of agenda free positive interaction with your community 🙂
    If anyone has further questions I’m more than happy to chat at in our Facebook group


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