Ratepayers shafted over $200 road levy

What a crock !

So how do you feel knowing that you have some elected representatives that campaigned to try to have this extra levy on your rates removed, yet they folded like a pyramid of cards when someone sneezed on them?cards

Good Governance is not telling the population ‘to put up and shut up.’

The $3+ million revenue being generated from this extra tax being imposed on already struggling rate payers in the Sth Burnett was introduced to help restore damage caused by mother nature and then continued due to a drop in funding from the LNP Government.  The majority of any past funding cut has been clawed back to its original figure.  Any money from Government to assist which had to be repaid has been written off – debt cleared,  and the carnage caused by mother nature has long been repaired.   Yet we still have to endure an excessive levy on our rates while they claim ‘our general rates are not that high’.  (June 15th by Cr Heit “Your rates are not as high as you think they are,”)

The real reason this Council have to keep this extra tax on rate payers is due to their past negligence and continual spending on follies. Unwarranted, unwanted and unnecessary projects within the Shire wasting millions of dollars.  They have borrowed when they need not have and now we all have to pay for their incompetence.   Back in 2013 Kratzmann claimed “I believe that we have to have our roads to a certain standard and I think in 12 months our ratepayers will see a major difference.” ….well,  over 3 years and more than $9 million extra revenue,  we still do not have any ‘major’  improvement.
I understand people are unhappy right now – I pay rates and I’m not happy either – but I hope that in 12 months from now everyone will look around at our roads and say it was worth it.”  said then Mayor Kratzmann.

People in the Shire have said over and over many many times – IT’S NOT WORTH IT !

Residents within the Sth Burnett were threatened with the possibility of loosing services such as libraries or public pools to save money.   This sad diversion from the fact that some services expected to be provided by Councils don’t make a profit.  There are essential services and prioritised works that should come first from all Councils,  the SBRC has forgotten that and wasted millions on flawed and trivial  projects instead of buckling down and at least give the perception of trying to rectify ratepayers concerns.


South Burnett Regional Council Environmental Levy 27
South Burnett Regional Council Community Rescue & Evacuation Levy 4
South Burnett Regional Council Waste Management Levy 121
South Burnett Regional Council Road Levy 200
South Burnett Regional Council Rural Fire Brigade Levy 25
South Burnett Regional Council Memerambi Estate Highway Roadworks 943
South Burnett Regional Council Memerambi Estate Internal Roadworks 1,401
South Burnett Regional Council Memerambi Estate Drainage Works 430


It has been reported that people considering moving to the South Burnett are being deterred by the excessively high rates we have to endure.   These extra levies and charges are certainly playing their part in holding back the Shires expansion and development.

Rates are not only a highly visible form of taxation but also the most crippling to most homeowners.   The only institutions that used to charge interest were Banks and Loan Institutions. Councils are the only ‘governing* body allowed to interest, and in most cases this is higher than Bank Interest, which seems to be in direct conflict with the Governance Policy.   Also the power to sell constituent’s home/land to recover is appalling and should never have been allowed – when did Councils become Banking Institutions?   While Federal and State Governments encourage people to buy their own homes, Councils are making it very difficult to retain.   If Councils were ‘highly sensitive’ to complaints about the level of rates, why do they in increasing them each year and adding taxes and levies?

The newly elected Mayor continues with the spiel of feeling ripped off with funding from the Federal and State Governments many years ago just like the rats that deserted the sinking ship.   Some Councillors campaigned to have this ‘controversial levy’ removed and some were successful with their ambitions of being elected, yet their silence on the issue is astounding.   Just like the campaigning against the involvement of Council and funding with your rates money for a private hospital enterprise, the $200 road levy was a key issue over the entire election – yet nothing changed.  They have ignored their indicated intentions on the issue and been emotionally and morally corrupted by the ongoing stick it to ’em attitude of the Council of yore.  Maybe nothing to do with the reported quiet meeting that Mr Kratzmann, Cr Heit & Cr Duff had at a local restaurant not so long ago, but the latest indications may suggest otherwise.




2 thoughts on “Ratepayers shafted over $200 road levy

  1. the biggest problem we have here is in 1988 we had a referendum regarding 3 tiers of government in Australia,the people said no there should be 2,how many do we have?1.federal.2.state.3 local.they will never do as the people say as long as they are a corporation.your rates go to The Queensland Treasure Corporation.you are not voting for a mayor or Priminster.you are voting for the next CEO


  2. with all cost of living going up as they do ,how is the average household going to cope, not to mention all the charity groups have been stressed so .far now .There has to be a better solution. the council seem to think everyone has a money tree just for them to extract more money out of. Grow up councilors become the people we elected you for . . .


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