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moneyWith recent media from Cr Heit & Sth Burnett Regional Council claiming our rates are “not as high as we think”,  Do you consider that they are cheap or we are getting good value for the amount we pay.

A quick yes or no poll on the issue…  results released soon.


5 thoughts on “Rates comparison

  1. I been here 9 years and on average it has gone up $900 in 9 years, my mum lives in Rockingham in Perth and pays less then me, yes I have a bigger block then her but I don’t have water and I don’t have sewage nor do I have 2 bins and nor do I have kerb side rubbish collection like they do, our roads a crap compared to Perth and we pay over 1 million a year in road levy.


  2. We have moved to the area just over 12 months ago and I find we do not get value for what we pay…we do not have town water and our road is always damaged we only get 1x bin no recycling …blocks beside us are over grown and although we have contacted council(as they would not give us contact details for owners) nothing has been done for over 12 months…road side is rarely mowed etc I would gladly pay what we pay if we were getting value for money


  3. In our 16 years in Blackbutt our rates have doubled while services have not increased any noticable amout. A thin layer of blacktop, which potholes quickly with heavt traffic) was applied to some roads a dozen or so years back. A water pipe put to the wivenhoe line
    Was to be paid for local ratepayers in the town, promised by the then Msyor to be paid off ” in a few years”..now over a decade ago, and we aret still paying even though we have not ever had to draw water from it!
    Thestreetscapein the main road through town is dingy and uninviting, and property prices are falling.
    For this we pay more than familt living in pretty hinterland areas of the Sunshine Coast and in soe areas of Brisbane! Get real SBC, there ae towns and ratepayers outside of Kingaroy that are hurting.


  4. Our rates are way too high for the amount of services that we DON’T have. Our roads are crap, we don’t recycle, when I asked at the Council office about this, I was told it was because us rate payers didn’t want to pay the cost. Rates in other areas are way more reasonable than ours, and they get more services.


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