Australia wide Water4Life campaign

Saturday, 25th June, “Lock the Gate Alliance” has organised a National Highway Action for its “Water4Life” campaign.


This is a direct push to show the public the need to protect our water resources in the driest inhabited continent on earth!     Given the recent events such as Oakey contamination, Cougar Energy UCG water contamination & failure, Hopelands & Linc Energy contamination, to only name a few, now Moreton Resources are wanting to impact water for the Sth Burnett, this event should not be missed.  w4l2

Several members of Kingaroy Concerned Citizens Group (KCCG) and the Knitting Nannas hope to take up a spot on the Bunya Highway to support this between the hours of 10 AM2 PM.  You don’t have to spend all day, even an hour or two and share the time with others.    Maybe you would like to organise your own display,  take some pictures and send them through to the SB Free Press so we can update the page.

If you would like to join in the event locally you can contact

 Marilyn via KCCG on      or

Rosemary via Knitting Nannas of SB on Facebook  :