Moreton Resources continue their R & D claim from their failed Cougar Energy UCG plant

The Board of Moreton Resources Ltd (MRV) advises that they continue to advance their appeal rights through the Administrative Tribunal (AAT),  in regards  to claims against it’s failed former Cougar Energy UCG trial  plant in Kingaroy.


Cougar Energy (aka Moreton Resources) were forced to close down their trial UCG plant due to allegations of underground water contamination.   Recently the State Government has moved to ban all UCG activity after another contamination and environmental damage was caused at Hopelands.


Moreton Resources is chasing funding and this claim is worth a substantial amount to assist with their financial situation and push for their proposed open cut coal mine on the outskirts of Kingaroy.

Real full media release:


One thought on “Moreton Resources continue their R & D claim from their failed Cougar Energy UCG plant

  1. Mr Elks is the face of MRV. I can’t help but wonder who is behind the face, because it is clear that he has high level assistance is preparing his communiques. The general public needs to learn to look beyond the words to what is not said and from there to learn that Mr Elks and MRV are not all they say they are. It is apparent that Mr Elks has a clear desire to ignore the fact that Cougar Energy contaminated groundwater. Whether or not they were development years is irrelevant. There will be no hesitation when it comes to a mine right beside Kingaroy town. How many mine supporters have been to Muswellbrook, and how many have done any research on the impacts and costs. MRV mining at Kingaroy is bad for the region.

    The real problem in the South Burnett is the quality of community leadership and that starts with elected representatives, at every level. Wake up people and DO something about the destruction of your homeland.


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