B-Doubles not permitted on Maidenwell Bunya Mountains Rd

In a recent email with questions on various issues submitted to Cr Jones (Div 2) and current owner and licensee for the Maidenwell Hotel, Cr Jones advised that “ I do not support the illegal usage of B-Doubles. It is my understanding that the business does have the required BDouble permits from the NHVR and are operating within the law. “

This question was particularly directed at the use of the Maidenwell-Bunya Mountains Road – right past the Maidenwell Pub.


Given the recent closure of a large transport business partly due to the fact that the Transport Dept would not allowed further access by road trains to their depot located on the major highway between Kingaroy and Wondai, It beggars belief that Cr Jones, or anyone, would even consider that the Transport Department would allow such large vehicles on this single lane tourist road.

The issue of illegally using B-Double trucks on this road has long been a contentious and known fact, well before Spud, Cr Jones, had the idea of becoming a new Councillor within the Shire.  The Nanango Shire Council pre amalgamation allowed the expansion of a cattle feedlot to a capacity of 9999 head, situated on the boundaries of, and to the dismay of, an existing and much utilised farm stay accommodation business.   This of course is on the Maidenwell-Bunya Mountains tourist road on the way to the tourism jewel of the Sth Burnett Shire – the Bunya Mountains.

Our newly appointed Division 2 Councillor has been aware of this ongoing issue for many years, with locals reportedly being run off the roads by these large vehicles countless times.   His attitude to the serious problem  then was ‘tough shit’ and it still seems to be that way now.  How long before someone gets seriously injured or killed due to these large trucks on the roads and when  it happens, what did these people do to try and avoid it?

The Maidenwell-Bunya Mountains Rd is a State owned road so the Sth Burnett Regional Council have no real control over its usage.  The roads that lead off it are and with the expansion of the Diatomite mine along one of the side roads, it has been alleged that this industry is also starting to illegally sneak through trucks.

There has been many applications lodged applying for the use of these vehicles by the feedlot, but all have been denied due to the same reasons, all relating to the width, condition, poor visibility and other issues along the road.

SB Free Press has had confirmation from the Gympie & Bundaberg Transport departments,  NHVR in Brisbane and TMR department that handles B-Double permits for Qld that the Maidenwell – Bunya Mountains road is not an access road for that size vehicle – no permit has ever been issued, with the last application only being made in March this year.

• Main Roads & Department of Transport advised:

                           (1)    23 and 25m B-doubles are permitted to travel on gazetted ‘As of Right’ routes as outlined in the maps for multi-combination vehicles without a requirement for a permit. Any movements outside these gazetted routes require a permit approval for 23 and/or 25m B-doubles.
                           (2)    A small section of road 419 (Kingaroy – Cooyar Road) is an ‘As of Right’ for approved B-double movements for approximately 1.6km from the intersection of 419 and 40C (D’Agular Highway (Yarraman – Kingaroy)) at Kingaroy and from the intersection of 419 and 429 (Nanango – Tarong Road) to Tarong is an ‘As of Right’. The rest of this road is not gazetted ‘As of Right’ and would require permit approval for 23 and/or 25m B-doubles.
                            (3)    Road 4196 (Maidenwell – Bunya Mountains Road) is not a gazetted ‘As of Right’ route. Permit approval would be required to travel on this road for 23 and/or 25m B-doubles.