Coopers Gap Wind Farm CCC community group visit to wind farms in Victoria

Coopers Gap Wind Farm CCC community group visit to AGL wind farms in Victoria, 1 – 4 August 2016

Following on from discussions at the last CCC about the community visit to the Hallett wind farms in SA, AGL is organising residents another opportunity to visit AGL’s wind farms in Victoria – Macarthur Wind Farm, the largest in the southern hemisphere and Oaklands Hill Wind Farm, which is very similar in design and layout to the Coopers Gap Wind Farm.
The trip will be discussed in more detail at the meeting on the 30th at Bell,  but at this stage, AGL has extend the invitation to Community Consultative Committee members, partners, participating landowners and representatives from Western Downs Council and South Burnett Regional Council.

This will be the second information excursion for interested parties within the area organised and paid for by AGL, the first being to the Hallet wind farm in South Australia


                                           Hallett Hill Wind Farm

AGL will arrange all logistics for the trip, and will cover the costs of return bus and air transport, as well as accommodation and all main meals.

Retiring Maranoa MP Bruce Scott stated  that wind farms were a ‘fraud and have divided communities.’

This is not the case at Coopers Gap.  If there is a division, it has been created by the anti wind farm activists with allegations of bullying, intimidation, abusive phone calls and threats of legal action against turbine hosts and other members of the community.

People against the project have not got the full and true facts.

There have been numerous claims, from hen eggs with no yolks, cattle aborting, human health problems, dog and other animals affected and other silly claims. Not one of these claims can be substantiated

Wind farms have been around for decades and there have been seventeen health studies done world wide, and not one has found any health problems.

Whether or not the environment protection noise policy would be used is only a guess at present, but when the state government sets noise and other guidelines for wind farms (at present there are none), AGL, if required, will do further sound and other tests to satisfy government requirements, and if it can be proven they can satisfy all government requirements then the project will be approved.

These CCC meetings have been very interesting and informative. There have been professors and other professional people speaking on subjects such as noise (three times), health, shadow flicker, fire, flora and fauna and other important issues involved with this project.  Robert Dupont, Preston Rowe Paterson, a respected land valuing company, gave a presentation on land values. AGL contacted ten adjoining land holders and invited them to attend. It was their loss that not one attended. Perhaps they and others opposed do not want to hear the truth from qualified speakers.

Members from the Cooranga North Concerned Citizens were personally invited on an all expenses paid, fact finding trip to the Hallet wind farm in South Australia. Not one attended to find out the true facts, and also the economic benefits to the surrounding community, from an operating wind farm. This was a very beneficial trip and allayed any doubts that anyone may have had regarding wind farm projects.
It is past time that the anti wind power side came up with proven scientific facts to back up their claims, instead of “just lip service”.

Here is the link to documents relating to the Queensland Government’s draft wind farm state code and guidelines for wind farms.


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