Kingaroy Concerned Citizens update on Moreton Resources

KCCG submission to Federal Government:

The Kingaroy Concerned Citizens Group has received confirmation that their response to MRVs referral to the Federal Government for a Controlled Action has been received. Not including appendix, it finished up being a full 17 pages of text and it addressed matters from all pages of MRVs submission document.

They cannot make the content of the document public until after the Government announces its decision on about 9th June 2016. You will be able to monitor the website for a decision at

As a follow up to the non delivery of Deb Frecklington’s survey, the KCCG heard from her Electorate Office that there was a problem with Australia Post and that there will be a second mail out to include all the 4610 mail services, 4615, 4614 post codes and Blackbutt, Benarkin and Manumbar.
As Australia Post require 10 working days to process this request, it will be delivered in the week commencing 13 June, so look for it that week.

Until then, here is a simple online survey.

What might the decision be?

Although the KCCG has no experience or expertise to comment on how the Federal Government will assess the application and the public responses to it, they assume that they will be looking for issues that trigger federal environmental interest.

The presence of a long standing and sustained koala population could be such an issue.

According to the information below, one of the 4 possible outcomes on the 9th June could be that the project is deemed to have unacceptable impacts and cannot proceed.

On about the 9th June, the announcement could one of the following listed options:

· The proposed action is NOT LIKELY to have a significant impact and does NOT NEED approval. No further consideration is required under the environmental assessment provisions of the EPBC Act and the action can proceed (subject to any other Commonwealth, state or local government requirements).

· The proposed action is NOT LIKELY to have a significant impact IF undertaken in a particular manner. The action can proceed if undertaken in a particular manner (subject to any other Commonwealth, state or local government requirements). The particular manner in which MRV must carry out the action will be identified as part of the final decision. MRV must report their compliance with the particular manner to the Department.

· The proposed action is LIKELY to have a significant impact and does NEED approval

If the action is likely to have a significant impact a decision will be made that it is a controlled action. The particular matters upon which the action may have a significant impact (such as World Heritage values or threatened species) are known as the controlling provisions. The controlled action is subject to a public assessment process before a final decision can be made about whether to approve it. The assessment approach will usually be decided at the same time as the controlled action decision. (Further information about the levels of assessment and basis for deciding the approach are available on the Department’s web site.)

· The proposed action would have UNACCEPTABLE impacts and CANNOT proceed

The Minister may decide, on the basis of the information in the referral, that a referred action would have clearly unacceptable impacts on a protected matter and cannot proceed.

Federal Elect13062306_10154104906957103_5672929768429281312_nion Candidates

KCCG has recently started writing to candidates in the seat of Maranoa noting their lack of interest in the proposed coal mine at Kingaroy and pointing out that it has now been referred to the Federal Government with a decision pending before the election.

We are waiting for responses from them.

MRV Trading Halt

You may be aware that MRV halted trading pending an announcement on last Monday.

On Monday, MRV announced that they had not been compliant with new ASX guidelines when they posted their full presentation to the South Burnett Regional Council on their website. The company says that the non- compliance was in respect to “forward looking statements”.

As a result, the company has reposted their SBRC presentation on their website, but deleted that page that forward projects the potential value of their assets.