Council continues plan to burn protected wetlands


Concerns have been raised with the Sth Burnett Regional Council regarding their public notice to do a prescribed burn within the Goodger Wetlands and Land for Wildlife along the Kingaroy Cooyar Rd.
This area is entirely surrounded by cropping land and is the only remaining piece of natural habitat within the area.goodger outlined
It is not only a Koala habitat, but for many other flora and fauna species it is their home, both on the ground and within the canopy.
Personally I do NOT believe that this parcel of land should be burnt in whole, or even in part, given the limited food, habitat and area allocated currently and with winter fast approaching, even less will be available.” said Mr Newson
The land is State owned and maintained by Council so it is their decision – nothing directly to do with any RFB, but Council are utilising their services for these reserve burns.

goodger zones

The above highlighted area shows the wildlife habitat zone inside the vegetation area.    It is also classified as a High Potential Bushfire Intensity area, so it will burn hot and destroy everything.

If residents have any concerns over these areas being destroyed under the guise of fuel reduction or good land management practices & maintenance,  they should contact the coordinator Denise Whyte at the SBRC on 4189 9122 or email

goodger burn